Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Nike logo
The Nike brand has become a myth of fashion and modern industry, once produced shoes and today produces shoes, desires and sense of victory. In the 60s, the former athlete Phil Knight, in his project of MBA at Stanford University, had the idea of importing shoes produced in Japan with cheap labor in an attempt to gain market share dominated by German brand adidas.
The first models of running shoes were produced by "Tiger" and sold by the company "Blue Ribbon Sports" Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight coach, had the idea to modify the model by injecting a padded inside and a stronger rubber on the sole, which created a new project of sneakers that fell like the athletes.

In 1971, the graphic designer Carolyn Davidson designed the company logo for $ 35, the name "Nike" was suggested by former player Jeff Johnson, referring to the Greek goddess of victory.

Nike Air
In 1972, Canada was the first country to receive Nike products in 1978, Nike shoes began to be sold in South America and Europe. In 1982, Nike began sponsoring soccer team Paris Saint-Germain. In 1994, besides producing shoes, Nike became a major sponsor of athletes and sporting events.

Nike's world headquarters is located in the city of Beaverton, Oregon. The Nike logo is so fixed in the minds of consumers that for many years the company name no longer appears printed under the logo of the brand.
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